August 26, 2008

MSIT Placements

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MSIT placements along with B.Tech and M.Tech students? A little birdie tells me that the final decision has been taken on this matter, and the answer is a Yes. Let us look a little closely at the issue.

IIIT has always had separate placements for the B.Tech/M.Tech students on one hand and the MS students on the other. The reason for the same is not difficult to seek- The aims of the two programs are quite different. Recruiters are looking for different attributes when it comes to the two sets of students. Can those attributes be found in the MSIT students? Have they been exposed to the same sort of training and teaching which others have undergone? Can they meet the standards which the other IIITians have set in the industry? Will the companies be satisfied with the quality of students?

The other issue, of course concerns the burden on the Placement committee. With the additional weight of MSIT students on them, they might find it a little difficult to cope. The logistics of placements for such a large number of students might not be the easiest of jobs. It’s bound to affect the placements of the non-MSIT students. This especially when the industry is facing a slowdown and companies are downgrading or rescinding offers made during placements.

A majority of the students do not seem too enthused by this idea. Grapevine also has it that some of the faculty members are not very happy with the decision (?) If this is true, it’ll be sad if the MSIT students finally sit for placements with the B.Tech/M.Tech students.



  1. mythalez said,

    what about the PoV of the msit students? 😛

  2. Kulbir Saini said,


  3. Maruti Borker said,

    This is sad !! I think there is one more dimension of problem which you didn’t look at , The company POV. The status of IIIT might decrease because i don’t think they ( MSIT ) are good enuf as students. This might effect next years placement etc.

  4. skp said,

    @mythalez :: 😦 Pyaare MSIT bacchon ke peeche pad gaya Cmdr 😛 😛

  5. mythalez said,

    @skp, he/she is not cmdr 😛 …

  6. Anonymous said,

    Well frends, the company placement process decides who’s d best and whose got the talent. Y shud we panic?

  7. anonymous said,

    Ya I agree wid the above guy….the company is the right one to decide.

  8. prashasti said,

    yeah …companies will decide …but few things cant be undone …and if it has a bad effect on placements next year…who will tk responsibility??

  9. Himank said,

    I can never fathom why people have to post perfectly sensible comments as anonymous!! :O

  10. Karan said,

    Same here.. A little wierd, isint it?

  11. Maruti Borker said,

    No new posts ?

  12. MSITian said,

    Brothers first of all we MSITians are thankful to all the IIIT students. Even though we are not treated same as u here in IIIT(by the administration) u are always good to us. We never faced any problem with u. We agree that u are the cream when compared to others. but here in MSIT there are students from different streams. some are from B.Tech , some even worked in corporate world(have experience in the Software Industry). Some rejected their offers in and joined here. We agree that we r not as talented as u but there are some students who are equal to u (maybe a bit more too). Last year we weren’t allowed to sit with u for placements but we got placed in various companies like Google(off campus), IBM-ISL(off campus), Guruji(off campus), CA, ADP, USI(An AT&T sister Company). Our course fee is 2,80,000/- for 2 years(excl. hostel and mess). We pay the same fee what u pay for hostel but we stay 4 per a room where u stay 2 or even 1 per room. Do u know y we were allowed for placements this year? Rajeev Sanghal Sir tested our skills. HE asked some of us to do a practicum under him and if are worthy he promised to allow us for placements. we passed his test and we got the oppurtunity. Brothers, even though if we are not allowed we wont feel bad (as we are confident that we can get placed even in off campus). but please dont look us as ur enemies. Also i think just 64 MSITians are not a big burden for the IIIT placement administration.

  13. Sairam Meghi said,

    Hi frenz….
    I am an MSITian. It was not so pleasing to see the misconceptions of IIIT students about MSIT course and questioning the standards of the students. I would be glad if people acknowledge the effort and hardwork we put in over 2 yrs of academics at MSIT. I am quite sure that MSIT students are in par with IIIT standards. I am more than willing to thank the people of IIIT to let us sit down for the placements. I am confident that MSIT students will definitely live up to the standards of IIIT.

  14. Deepak Kumar Mallapu said,

    Hi friends,
    I am an MSITian. First of all i want all the IIIT people to come and see the hard work we are doing here and then comment on us. I also want them to know that we came here after doing B.Tech/ Equivalent degree. This course gave an opportunity for not only the students who came from IT background but also for those who came from Non-IT background. We were allowed for placements ONLY AFTER DOING PRACTICUMS UNDER THE IIIT PROFESSORS. The top Professors from IIIT tested our skills and commitment. So i want you people to know that we earned our shot at the placements. I am confident that we (MSITians) dont let u people down during placements(if in case u feel that we are not up to the standards set by U). Anyways it’s going to be the companies that will decide whether our standards match u people or not….

  15. changetheworld said,

    You narrow minded iiit fellows, you people just feel that you r so great, you dont even know the work MSITians do in their course. But you guys just assume that you do all the work and MSITians do nothing. If u people r so gr8 then what’s the need of campus placements for u people. Go and get in the off campus. Who are you to decide whether MSITians or any one else is better than you or not. If u feel that u r “cream and cheese” go and work in a bakery. I mean its just senseless how you guys think about yourselves and others. This attitude is really bad. You ppl feel that you are fighting for a great cause by not allowing MSITians to sit for placements. But you never recognize that you are playing with the careers of fellow students.

  16. Kalyan said,

    Hi Frnds,

    I Kalyan an Alumni of MSIT-IIIT who was cheated and backstabed by the IIIT people in the placement process of Last Year, but still we MSITians are capable of getting placed on our own. Most of you guys who told about the MSIT-IIIT know the status of what is going in and around MSIT. There are around 250 students in IIIT who will attend the Placements this year but there are hardly 10 replies to the Blog about MSIT sitting along with IIIT Students in Placements, so y u 10 to 15 people are so worried abt it.

    I will completely agree that IIIT Students are far superior and had good grip on the subject when compared to the MSIT Students. But i donno why are u worrying to face them in the interviews and saying some silly reasons such as Brand of the institution.If you think that you are good enough as you said please compete, don’t panic. As mentioned by some MSITians, the IIIT is giving chance to MSIT people after testing them only.

    Thanks & Regards,

  17. Gautam Rajgarhia said,

    good to know that people are afraid of MSIT 😉
    I heard rumors during my curriculum but haven’t seen it surfacing this way earlier.
    its ok guys, companies see it all and as everyone knows, each one from my batch got a job, not because of IIIT and we are very happy with the position and work we are undergoing.
    Even enjoying the work pressure and thanks MSIT completely for this, as it is MSIT, which gave us this capability to be cool in anything.
    As the tag goes, “Learning by Doing” and “Project Centered”
    Unlike being SPOON-FED.
    So, WE deserve to be called “More appropriate and readymade material which companies demand”.
    I got to know that people (the so-called IIIT’ians who might have got a seat by fluke) doubted their potential last year as they saw our resumes flooded with projects on multiple platforms using updated utility programs.
    Even heard few people being afraid of the Soft Skills backing we have as few (the so-called IIIT’ians) didn’t even know to talk properly.
    Forget about team dynamics, work management, time management and of course, conflict management.
    The reason why, still there are conflicts around in IIIT and people believe that having fewer number of competitors for placement can brighten their chances, instead of having faith in themselves.
    Anyways, who am I to comment. I told what I saw and I experienced.
    I can’t judge whether B.Tech. is better or M.Tech. or MSIT in IIIT, but few people can, who still haven’t faced any interview or have done any work under any GOOD company.
    But I have known about MSIT and it gave me enough opportunity and confidence that I am working in USi (An AT&T Company) along with other four (also from MSIT) as the first batch of freshers ever inducted here and are working on a platform which no one in IIIT (including MSIT) will be familiar with.
    Also, am very happy to see my fellow mates having been placed in companies like Google Gadgets, IBM-ISL, CA, eLogica, MILA, ADP, TCS, Embeded Infotech and few other reputed IT companies.
    One very interesting thing to add here is that , these are the companies where students of MSIT in IIIT got placed, without any support from IIIT and also being back-stabbed by IIIT.
    We also paid the same amount Rs 3000/- for placements as other guys in IIIT do, but no one cared to see that and didn’t even have shame to return that back.
    Forget about bringing any company.
    Let me enlighten even further.
    MSIT is not only being run in IIIT, but it plays as a major course in JNTU.
    And companies like Oracle, Yahoo, IBM, CTS, TCS, Wipro, Aricent, Patni, Kavium and so on recruited people there.
    It’s just the fate of people who opted IIIT as their learning center instead of JNTU, that they are undergoing such humiliation in the hands of people like these who post such blogs and expect recognition.
    Dudes, if you want recognition, first of all prove something.
    As you guys think that MSIT shouldn’t be allowed for combined placements, things I would like to ask are:–
    a) If IIIT thinks MSIT is so bad, why is MSIT still there in IIIT?
    b) Is this not cheating students? cuz new students don’t know the crap happening there (in IIIT).
    c) And finally, we get cerficates on the same day, you guys do, but no one opposes. Because there you don’t find competition.

    Last thing to add, guys, we are also like you.
    Its other thing that luck favored you earlier and that is why, you call yourselves as IIIT’ians.
    No one can change the past, but its the future which can be taken care properly.
    If you think wisely, I won’t be fetching anything by writing all this.
    I have passed my course and am doing well in my profession.
    But fellow human beings treated the way its done in IIIT, this is not civilized behavior and the standard IIIT would have thought of standing upto.
    Rest, guys in IIIT can only decide whether living in harmony and having a healthy competition is good, or living like crabs in a vat is more apporpriate.
    Thanks and hopefully people understand others sentiments and don’t be so selfish.
    It may happen to you also like what is happening to MSITians in IIIT.

  18. The B from MSIT said,

    I pity people who argue “…..our placements next year might not be as good”.

    Firstly, if a brand image is so weak, it isnt even worth worrying about.
    Secondly, if you have to worry about MSIT sitting for placements with you, its only because they might do better than you and not because “their performance might damage the IIIT brand image” . Common guys if you’ve got stuff, why are you worried about competition? Let the companies decide whos good and whos not. If you look at MSITians placements, you will find that people get recruited in companies where there are MSIT Alumnites working. When companies repeatedly take people from a course year-after-year, then that says something about the course. Something good. This year we were not allowed to sit for placements with IIITians, but last year(the 2005 passouts), there were 20 of them, and were not allowed to sit for more than 7-8 companies. Whats important here is that they didnt have to sit for more companies. Last heard, people in their companies were pretty much impressed with the course and how it has helped its students excel in their work.

    Agreed that IIIT has a lot of research activities, interesting projects and varied fields that you can work on. An average MSITian spends most of his/her time in coding and quite less on research. How should that make MSIT any lesser? Its just a different course with objectives that are different from the regular courses’ objectives. Its DIFFERENT not INFERIOR.

    I think its time people realized every course has its own strengths and weaknesses and that the best way to deal with it is to learn from each other and move ahead. The regular IIIT courses offer something for the companies, MSIT offers something slightly different but equally good.


    Companies spend millions on HR Management. The HR Managers know whom to pick and whom not to. They are paid for that. So let the companies decide whom they want to pick. Let THEM be the judges.

  19. very said,

    IIIT Btech/Mtech Vs. MSIT Student

    An IIIT Btech/Mtech and a MSIT student go on a camping trip, set up
    their tent ,and fell asleep.

    Some hours later, the MSIT wakes his IIIT BE/Mtech friend
    and says

    “Look up at the sky and tell me what you see.”

    The IIIT Btech/Mtech replies, “I see millions of stars.”

    The MSIT asks, “What does that tell you?”

    The IIIT Btech/Mtech ponders for a minute.

    “Astronomically speaking, it tells me that there are
    millions of galaxies

    and potentially billions of planets.

    Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo.

    Time wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past

    Theologically, it’s evident the Lord is all-powerful and

    we are small and insignificant.

    Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day

    What does it tell you?”

    The MSIT is silent for a moment, then speaks.

    “Practically…Someone has stolen our tent”.

    ” MSIT = 100% COMMON SENSE “

  20. The B from MSIT said,


  21. Maher Ravula said,

    I would like to see, if the Author of this post can comment/clarify on the above comments.


  22. ORB said,

    @very wah! dil khush comment pad ke 😀

  23. Ram said,

    Well this is unbelievable… You guys are crazy… are you actually fighting… this is something new…

    IIITians – If you think it’s not fare for MSITians @ IIIT to sit for placements then please go and say to people who can do something about it… like say Dr. Rajeev Sanghal. And no offense should be taken by the MSITians @ IIIT as they claim that they are good even with out IIIT placement cell.

    IIIT B.Tech./M.Tech. or MSIT all of us Indians which means we are cheap labour… Once you join a company you will understand that not all companies or not all departments of a company look for ultra-talented guys… I have a team of 5 working with me here… they can’t solve a simple puzzle but they are getting things done for me and the company… Infact not just getting things to work they also talk about improving performance of the application look for different solutions that could be re-used. And it is doing wonders for the company. And you know most of them work for 8K per month…

    Don’t be self-centered think of improving life around others… differentiating by caste or color is same as differentiating people by knowledge… grow up…

    I think all of us can see all the colors in the world.. some are just color blind and nothing can be done about that 😀

    N’joy life guys!!

  24. Naresh said,

    Hello friends,

    lets hope for the best.

  25. Vishnu said,

    I got the All India Test of IIITMK for the admission of MSIT..Is this course useful?Is it equivalent to M.Tech?.Please give me good suggestion

  26. Vishnu said,

    I got the All India Test of IIITMK for the admission of MSIT..Is this course useful?Is it equivalent to M.Tech?.Please give me good suggestion

  27. venkat said,

    hai friend ……tell me msit is equivalent to mtech…..i got selected in iiitm keral…..plz give the solution for me….after msit ….how is the recuitment positions………………..

  28. venkat said,

    hai friend ……tell me msit is equivalent to mtech…..i got selected in iiitm keral…..plz give the solution for me….after msit ….how is the recuitment positions………………..

  29. ramu said,

    pls tell me how the placements in iiit hyderabad.

  30. ramu said,

    for msit students how the placements in iiit hyderabad

  31. arafat said,

    why do people make stupid abbreviations just to make their pronunciation easy ?????

  32. arafat said,

    why do people make stupid abbreviations just to make their pronunciation easy ?????
    hey,no one knows ur msit…
    everyone knows iiit.

  33. companies will look after the talent, its bullshit to degrade other students

  34. dinesh said,

    for MSIT students how the placements in iiit Hyderabad
    and may i know what is the package offered to the MSIT students during the placements

  35. latha said,

    hi ,
    please let me know what is the avg salary package offered for MSIT students in IIITHyderabad.

  36. apple said,

    How about the placements for msit program at JNTUH/IIITH

  37. raj said,

    i got 35 score in gat exam am eligible for next round of msit course

  38. chintapalli said,

    MSIT min and max packages ??????????????

  39. nitesh said,

    could any one tell the ratio of students clearing the preparatory course in iiit hyderabad??

  40. shabhu said,

    hiii all wants to know about msit……

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